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Thank you for using Scener! Scener lets you sync your viewing and socialize with others while using the same streaming services you know and love.

General questions

Yes, hosting and joining watch parties on Scener is free. Sometimes hosts may require a ticket or a specific movie rental from a partner service to participate.

Google Chrome must be used to host or view watch parties on all laptop or desktop computers. You must also install the Scener Google Chrome Extension.

On mobile and tablet devices you can use any browser to view a live host in a theater but can not host or co-host. To view the streaming content you must synchronize it on a secondary device like a TV.

On a laptop or desktop computer, you can get the Scener Google Chrome Extension for free from the Chrome Web Store. This is also accessible by visiting ‘Get Scener’ on our webpage.

Scener supports most major streaming services:

  • No account required: YouTube, Vimeo

  • Regular subscriptions required: Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, HBO Max, Hotstar, Alamo On Demand, Shudder, Youtube

  • Premium Accounts (no ads): Hulu, Funimation

Remember, each guest needs their own streaming service account for most services, so picking a popular streaming service will ensure everyone can join the watch party.

If guests live in another country, they can still use Scener together as long as they have access to the same streaming service and show or movie content. Keep in mind, certain shows and movies might not be available in different countries. Streaming services manage their own rights for shows and movies across different countries, which Scener has no control over. Pro tip: Netflix Originals tend to be available in all territories.

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer (Windows, Mac, or Chromebook) and a broadband internet connection to host a watch party with chat on Scener. A webcam is required for video and headphones are strongly recommended to avoid echo if you use audio.

To join a watch party, you need either a computer with broadband or a mobile device with a fast (LTE, 5G or Wifi-based) internet connection. If you join a public watch party from a mobile device, you will need a second device, such as a connected TV or computer, to pull up the show or movie being watched and synchronize it manually.

For services that require a subscription, yes. For example, everyone will need access to their own Netflix account (or HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu Premium, etc.) to watch. If you are already signed in on Chrome, you should not need to sign in again.

Yes. You can use a service like Prime Video or YouTube to rent a movie or show and watch it in a room or theater. To see the video, everyone in the room or theater will need to rent the title being watched. Services that charge a premium fee to access some titles early, such as Disney+, are also compatible with Scener if all viewers have purchased that package.

In a room, up to 10 people can watch together and optionally turn on their camera. In a theater an unlimited number of guests can join and participate in chat. You can add up to nine co-hosts on camera.

To host, you must be on a laptop or desktop computer, logged into your account, and have the Scener Chrome Extension installed. Then simply click the “Host a watch party” button. The next screen will have two watch party options: room or theater. A room is an invite-only experience, that allows up to 10 guests on camera or microphone at once. A theater allows you to host an event with unlimited guests in chat but only you and your co-hosts can be on camera. Get started with Watch Parties

Inviting friends to a theater:

Once a Theater is live, the host can invite guests by copying the share URL in the sidebar and sharing it with their community. An unlimited number of guests can chat in the theater sidebar.

When a watch party theater is started, the host has the option to add co-hosts. Co-hosts can choose to be on camera or just audio.

Inviting friends to a room:

After creating a room, Scener generates a unique 16-character code for that event. Copy the code to share it with guests, OR click the ‘Copy Invite Link’ in the Watch Party sidebar and share the URL directly. Like other video platforms, once the link is created, the same group of guests can join it again and again.

Only the person holding the remote can control pause/play functions to ensure the smoothest, most harmonious sync experience, The Host can pass the remote to whomever they want by clicking on the remote icon and clicking on a friend’s name.

Everyone must wear headphones with Scener if your microphones are turned on – otherwise you will hear the other person’s delayed movie audio. Either grab some headphones or mute your audio and you’ll say goodbye to that echo!

First, quit Chrome (by pressing command+Q or ctrl+Q) and retry. Sometimes Chrome loses your webcam.

Second, you may have accidentally denied access to Scener for your camera or mic. Do this: type “chrome://settings” into your browser toolbar above. Then search for “camera” and select ‘Site Settings’. Find ‘’ and choose ‘Reset settings’. Then try to join a theater again.

First, press the ‘?’ icon in the theater control bar. Then select ‘My microphone and/or camera are not working’. Next, click the ‘Re-Sync Scener’ button. Now your issue should be solved.

First, press the ‘?’ icon in the theater control bar. Then select ‘My video isn’t syncing with others.’ Next, click the ‘Re-Launch Show’ button. Now your issue should be solved.

It’s normal for someone in a theater to be one or two seconds out of sync from others. If your show is playing but is more than a few seconds out of sync, try closing the streaming content browser window. It will automatically re-open and attempt to re-sync.

  • On Mac:

    • Click full screen in your Netflix window

    • Press the [Control] + [Up] keys

    • You’ll see your Netflix window at the top of your screen. Click and drag your Scener sidebar into the Netflix window.

  • On Windows:

    • Click full screen in your Netflix window

    • Press [Alt] + [Tab] and select Scener

Scener requires certain open ports in order to communicate with others in the theater. If Scener is not working correctly, try disabling your VPN or Firewall (don’t forget to turn it back on afterward).

Still stuck?

If you were unable to find a solution please contact us at with some information about what went wrong. Some helpful details to include would be:

Operating system

What version of Chrome are you using?

What streaming service were you trying to use.

Chrome extensions or VPNs you are using

Screenshots of the page you are experiencing issues in.

The steps leading up to the issue.

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